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                                             Kazem dashi-Urmia lake

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21 Feb Iranian tourist guide have had a celebration in the same time with their colleagues in the world that 6th celebration held in Urmia.
Urmia is situated on a fertile plain called Urmia Plain, on western side of Lake Urmia; and eastern side of Turkish border and marginal range of mountains.

 Urmia has the saltest and the third largest salt water lake on earth.Lake Urmia has 102 islands.One of them is Kazem-dashi that we visited it in this celebration.


                                          A couple islands

                                               Kazem dashi -waterside



 Right:My teacher Mr.Momeni            Left:One of famous leader Mr.Milani

                                               The Red Cross



                                                  Our workshop

Professor Marcello Notarianni from UNWTO taught us in the workeshop 

                                 On our way to Urartu_Castle


They showed off with their Off-road cars 



                                                              Urmia dam

                                                        Halva carrot -Urmia

                                                   Pistachio Halva


Grill Potato


                                       She made handicrafts

The population of Urmia is mainly Azerbaijani people who speak the Azeri language, with Kurdish, Assyrian Christian, and Armenian minorities


                                                          They welcomed us

                                                         Kurdish people




Left is Tehran association clip        Right is Urmia celebration clip


All photographsere was taken by myself

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